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Josh Prowse has been helping businesses large and small solve their IT problems since 1996. In 2000, he went solo and started IOPENER Consulting to focus on providing simple, affordable, full-service IT consulting to the SMB sector.

An IOPENER engagement is a partnership, working to understand the nuances of your business to better use technology for your success.

Services include web site development, consulting, technology integration, and creative strategies for improving your efficiency and bottom line. Josh founded IOPENER to design and build technology solutions that create the time, money, and energy you need to exceed your personal and professional goals.

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Great Web Design
An IOPENER site is functional, attractive, and web 2.0 savvy (using strict XHTML and CSS for maintainability, and AJAX for speed and sizzle). It runs a CMS that lets you edit your content any time (read: No more $50 typo fixes that take days to get done).
IOPENER can organize and prioritize your current business needs, and eliminate problems you wouldn't have imagined were solvable.
Technology Integration
Smart use of technology could probably save you hours every week over your current way of working. Leverage the internet for global growth with mom and pop costs. Protect your crucial information from disaster with automated, redundant backups. IOPENER can help you do all this and more.

Jobchart International Inc.

“Josh understands our business and repeatedly comes up with technological solutions that market our products and support the work we do with our clients.”

Marjorie White, Principal

An international Human Resources consultancy trusted IOPENER to digitize and automate their proprietary job ranking system, build their web site, and create a web application that transformed an error-prone, manual service offered to clients as a loss-leader into an online revenue centre.



“Josh listened to what I wanted in a website and very quickly had it up and running for me. Any time I've needed changes or help with something, he's taken care of it very promptly.”

Dave Aharonian, photographer

As a prolific professional photographer with an impressive and growing portfolio of commercial and fine art shots to his credit, Dave Aharonian needed a web site he could easily update with new work from wherever in the world his muse took him.


After studying Computer Science at Queen’s University (Kingston), Josh Prowse worked with two large multinational corporations. His assignments took him all across North America, and occasionally overseas. Among the many hats he wore were those of Consultant, Programmer/Analyst, Webmaster, International Network Administrator, Project Manager, and Technology Trainer. He is as comfortable discussing ROI with CEOs as 5p34k1n6 g33k with your IT professionals. (Don’t worry if you didn’t get that bit. That’s his job.)

IOPENER is currently based in Calgary, but clients have ranged from as close as Banff, to as far away as Sydney, Australia.